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Wholesale refurbished iPhone
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Smart iPhone7 Battery Case

Almost everyone on earth knows iPhone is the world's most popular smartphone. But a little shortcomings is that the battery of iPhone is not replaceable, which for groups of businessman and playing mobile game addicts it’s really painful. Apple fans have been cherished after the iPhone 4G appears, but in daily use of countless times, it will inevitably bump to hurt the body. Coupled with Apple products and the back cover has always been Siamese design, "exchanging shell and battery "is almost impossible.

Since it can’t be exchanged, then we can only protect it. Put on a battery case that can not only play a protective role for iPhone, but also supply power for 4G function. This product is designed for the Apple’s newest model iPhone 7 known as portable backpack battery case, with real-time charging status display, power detection. And it has a perfect protection circuit, which can effectively prevent the battery pack from over-charge and discharge, and provide short circuit protection, making use of more secure.

Despite every time of Apple iPhone launces new iPhone will make thousands of attention focused, people are obviously more concerned about whether this new phone is as outstanding as Steve Jobs has done. However, the question soon has the answer. Just like the iPhone 7 slogan "This is seven", iPhone 7 has the power to change anything. But it is like the Greek mythology giant Antaeus. Although owning great divine power, he still has some flaws. Recently, many users of iPhone 7 has begun to complain about their mobile phone appeared fragile and hand fuselage will affect the signal that the two major shortcomings, and caused widespread media attention.

Apple later confirmed that the design of the iPhone 7 is indeed flawed, and Cook suggested that users "change the way of holding iPhone 7, try to avoid touching the bottom left side of the metal border gap" and Bumper rubber protective shell that Apple's official put on the iPhone 7 when launching, these obviously cannot let the user satisfaction.

Currently on the market, in addition to Apple's official launch of the Bumper frame protection shell, there is a product that can effectively make up the two major flaws for the iPhone 7. It is Apple authorized certification - IFANS brand iPhone 7 backpack battery case Baseus.

IFans Baseus is the world's thinnest mobile phone plug-in battery, it is for the iPhone 7 unique square fuselage equipped with use of Baseus independent patented technology and unique design, iFans Baseus phone case is built with a bracketed all-inclusive battery shell. IFans Baseus phone case has been certified by the United States Apple Company MFi, which is “Made for iPhone certification”. Built-in original LG lithium polymer batteries can reduce the power cost when charging. Each charge can reach more than 78% of the electricity. Built-in Apple original connector makes you no longer worry about damage iPhone interface. Clever appearance design do not have to remove the shell while use all the features of iPhone. Using a durable ABS engineering material comprehensive protect our iPhone 7 from damage, combine charging and shell protection into one. Ordinary metal integrated circuit design can effectively avoid short circuit or overtime charging even under extreme conditions of operation errors. Baseus battery case comes with smart switches and precise power display to extend the life of the built-in battery cells.

Baseus Apple backpack battery case is designed as mini and fashion, inherited Appl’s wisdom and simple style, tailored specifically for the iPhone, body width is seamless with iPhone. At any time you need only to plug your iPhone into it, then for you to solve the trouble of iPhone battery is used up. It can be used for different occasions, wherever and whenever it can be your lovable necessity.

Baseus mobile phone battery case is fashion design and petite size that really portable. Large backpack battery capacity of 2500mah makes iPhone storage more durable. Careful circuit design take 100% care for your iPhone. Power storage, power supply and data transmission triple are through a line and a socket, while achieving charging, discharge and synchronous transmission. Reserved camera mirror hole, do not have to remove case you can also take pictures. Intelligent protection function is useful. In the case of overcharge, when the voltage is as low as 2.6V, the power is automatically disconnected from the power supply.

Baseus is one of leading Apple accessories fashion brands with safe mobile power supply and excellent protection, for the Apple’s users to provide cost-effective and more secure high-quality mobile phone case. The Smart iPhone7 Battery Case is ...
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External Battery Phone Case

Why iPhone must match mobile phone shell? IPhone is relatively slippery and accidentally easy to fall off, so with a mobile phone shell protection will not scratch. IPhone is full-featured and able to use for a long time, if matching the protection of phone case, you can always make the phone as new. Besides phone shell has a variety of color for selecting so that you can decorate your phone as you will.

Apple’s products in the market are more and more welcomed by the vast number of consumers. In such a pleased condition iPhone shell came into being. For the majority of iPhone consumers, it provides a full range of mobile phone protection. IPhone case aims to a series of Apple products including MAC Book, IPOD Touch, iPhone, iPad and so on. Usually the value of Apple product is much higher than normal electric goods, and while in daily using it’s easy to be scratched because of collision and other reasons. So around it wrapping in a layer of plastic or leather protective shell shows the owner of its meticulous care.

Diamonded phone case
Using rhinestones, butter, cakes, pearls and other decorations to paste on the mobile phone shell, so that mobile is full of personality, unique style and shining under the sun! Especially for young people who believe diamond is forever everlasting! Bright crystal diamonds is an indispensable choice for decorating mobile phones! Now the high specification crystal gives a true diamond effect. Your phone case can be full-page decoration, but also free to embellish, so that mobile phone case looks crystal flashing, attracting the envy of many eyes. If with painting pen to draw a few pattern, or flowers, or lines and other beautiful elements, it will look even more crystal clear, lifelike, what a wonderful match!

IMD/IML processed phone case
IMD technology is the international popular surface decoration technology. The hard surface layer is a transparent polyester film, the middle layer is a printed design, and the back layer is an injection molding. These protect the surface from scratching, high frictional resistance to keep the bright colors without fading the protective cover on the surface of the anti-wear and scratches perfectly designed. You can easily control all the buttons and connectors to protect your iPhone from dusty and fingerprints. IMD/IML is widely adopted for producing mobile phone cases with 3D stereo scratch-resistant surface. It can be free to change the patterns, enhancing the appearance of beauty, reflecting the advantages of perfect shaped structure.

Relief phone case
Relief can make appearance of the phone shell appears three-dimensional effect. You can add a variety of three-dimensional pattern on the phone shell, combined with a variety of consumer demand, the new three-dimensional effect and ordinary 3D effects are very different, it is A statue similar to but different from an artistic statue. This type of phone case appears in Disney, LOI, Koma and other brands on the phone shell.

Painted phone case
Painting is a special use of paint or ink, through a large inkjet machine, processed from the basic characteristics of the surface of phone case. If it is only a layer of inkjet, then the pattern may eventually lead to fall off. But after the surface of phone case in processing, can eventually avoid that the pattern of phone case cannot be saved with good condition.

The determination of this processing is a certain degree of precise machine requirements. But the traditional printing and there is a big difference. The color of the cellphone case pattern is necessarily not as beautiful as imagined high-definition patterns. But because of its low production costs, moreover painted phone case also have a unique market. So it is for some consumers a good choice.

IPhone case styles
When viewing the sales date of mobile phone case from online shops, iPhone mobile phone shell style is mainly focusing on the structural innovation, the pattern of beautiful and general models consistent with the public taste of both young and old. Structural innovation often makes some subversive changes that will make the mobile phone case market has become unusually hot. Different styles of pattern let the whole market has become more interesting. Different consumers like different styles of phone case pattern. Indeed choices become increased. And a classic thing is often enduring.

Among so many phone case brands with different features, we have to learn comparing. The best choice is to choose high professional brand which is concentrated in the field of mobile phone shell or further concentrated in the female / male mobile phone shell field. These brands are often more able to explore the psychological needs of consumers to produce specific products for specific consumers with high satisfaction and re****ti...
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refurbished iPhone 6s

We bought both the iPhone 6 and 6S plus on September 25 when Apple released its new model. Then we go back to our testing laboratory, and in these days the team members are non-stop to them on a doubled study of testing the performances of both new phones. Compared to last year when I sta*** up all night to give you the scene, this time it is quite different. Standing on such a neutral position, we aim to bring potential buyers a more objective truth.

The appearances of two models are almost the same, but there are only several differences in details. First, the biggest change is certainly iPhone 6s added a rose gold, it was said that this is in fact pink, why call it gold? "Rose gold" originally refers to the gold-copper alloy which is common in jewelry industry, is composed of yellow gold and brown copper synthesis that is very similar to the rose metal. Gold price is raised up by Chinese aunt who again and again bargain-hunting, they can’t wait for each finger to wear a gold ring. Rose gold seems introverted luxury, elegant chic. May the similar plot will immediately stage in the field of mobile phones.

Another change is behind the words of the “iPhone 6”, added a big letter "S", is this not normal? Not normal, on the back of neither iPhone 4S nor 5S there is no “S”, it seems Apple is more and more understanding on consumer psychology of Chinese people who like to show off and love the face. This letter lets everyone lost into the problem of whether wearing a case for phone or not. It is imagined that transparent shell may be on hot sale. Compared to the previous generation, their front size has not changed, but the thickness increased by 0.2 mm that insignificant two A4 paper thickness. And the iPhone 6S weight increased more 14 grams, an increase of 11 percent, which in hand feeling can be suddenly reflected, grabbed up feeling heavy. The main reason for this is the increase in 3D Touch that requires pressure sensors, chips and motors and other components.

The metal body of iPhone 6S adopts 7000 series of aluminum alloy. The shell is mixed of different metal elements, from 1000 to 9000 nine series, iPhone from 5 to 6, has been used with 6000 series of magnesium, aluminum, silicon alloy, relatively soft, relatively easy to cut on the machine , easy to processing, but the strength is not enough, easy to bend. 7000 series is aluminum, zinc, manganese alloy, is the highest in all series of a class, can be very effective to improve the iPhone "soft bone" disease. But the first problem is the 7000 alloy is difficult to deal with, this point does not matter with our consumers. With good cutting head or more than a few burns a few knives it will be solved. The second difficulty iPhone 6s is not easy to color when anodized. Apple thickened the metal surface of the antioxidant layer of iPhone 6s. Just be careful, try to avoid the keys and other sharp items to together with your phone.

The A9 CPU equipped in iPhone 6s is Apple's third-generation 64-bit processor. Samsung and Apple have been bite very tight for position of the strongest mobile phone CPU. The performance of Exynos 7420 has beaten Apple A8, and this time A9 ushered in a substantial upgrade, we simply use Geekbench run to do An intuitive comparison, A8 single-core performance is 1627, A9 single-core performance reached 2500 +. IPhone 6s is able to have more than 50% performance improvement, we should cherish it. The reason is that the highest operating frequency from 1.4G straight up to 1.83G, the other Secondary cache increased from 1M to 3M, especially the later gets a huge impact on the CPU.

IPhone 6s is installed with 2G processing memory. Apple IOS system has always been very good for hardware optimization. Even small cache also has a very good experience. But the reason behind it is: only in the absence of considering of different hardware compatibility you can do a good job, iOS memory management precision to every 1Kb. So in every time of Apple's important system upgrade, you have to give up the old model since cache can’t support fast processing of new version. If you buy an iPhone 6S, may be when iOS12 or 13 release, your phone can’t be upgraded, all you can do is buying another new one. At this stage of the iOS system and the software on the platform are not for 2G memory to do optimization, a variety of application experience are the same, only in some extreme use, such as when at the same time open dozens of large pages, or at the same time open more than 30 applications, you will see the difference. The advantage of 2G memory will be reflected only in the future.

If use one word to describe the advantage of iPhone 6S compared to iPhone 6, that is "fast". Fast hardware performance, fast fingerprint recognition, Siri fast response, and 3D Touch brought the efficiency of the acceleration, especially the big move 3D Touch again opened w...
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iPhone 6 plus

Now we have got two sizes (4.7 inches and 5.5 inches) of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, so what exactly is it? Are them worth buying? Which one is better on cost-efficient? I believe that after reading this article, your mind will find the answer.

From a variety of online exposed pictures before releasing, then to the real phone show on Apple’s new item releasing conference, the appearance of new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seems to be a little lower than people's expectations. After all, Apple ever has changed people's views on the phone, leading a new generation trend. And iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in appearance seems really so a little bit badly. While the different sizes and different features of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch also make many consumers who want to buy a new iPhone get tangled. But for one thing certain that this time finally will not be ridiculed by Android users who have laughed at the small screen size of Apple mobile phone.

After watching the Apple conference, my personally first thought is to buy 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. But after seeing the real phone, I get interested in the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, a few words to describe: thin, really light, feel good. This is also the first feelings for majority who have seen the real one! On the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus I hesitated, because it does some "stupid" feeling, the body is not as small and delicate as iPhone 6 whose grip comfort is much better than the iPhone6 Plus. If not considering of the 2910 mah battery and the optical image stabilization camera, I will not hesitate to buy 4.7 inches iPhone 6. Plus 5.5-inch size really need some time to adapt.

On appearance of this new item, the power button moved from the original top to the side of phone body, to some extent to facilitate the convenience of one-handed operation, but this is limited to 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches size still need to move your fingers. And keeping a few years round style of the volume key also changed into a bar shape, which may be designed for consideration of decreasing body thickness.

A few of "lines" on the back iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the part that many users disliked. In fact it is really ugly, but it is not unacceptable. As the screen size increases, in order to better control of body weight, this design is a last resort, at first glance it really likes a HTC phone. Several lines as the antenna had to deal with this, taking into account the fuselage lighter, thinner and feeling better, such a mode with the antenna would like to be the current best solution.

The speaker is still placed in the bottom of the fuselage, but from the previous double-round round hole into the current single round hole, 5.5 inch screen has a few more holes than 4.7 inch, but these are not the focus. Because the round hole’s size increases, the speaker will be easier to attract dust, usually remember to always clean it. For the loud speaker volume, but feel sound quality crisp, slightly larger than the iPhone 5s, sound quality didn’t has a qualitative improvement.

IPhone 6 Plus still uses a 800-megapixel camera, the difference is that 6 Plus adds a new optical image stabilization feature, the aperture is F2.2, a single pixel size to 1.5 microns, which is a good reason for what I consider buying it. However, whether or not for lighter handling or other reasons, raised the rear camera really uncomfortable!

In short, if not take into account that the Apple did well on 8 million pixel optimization, I cannot stand such a design, but for the big screen, I can only choose to compromise on other hardware upgrades, even if the very high risk of prominent camera wear, we must take good care! In addition to the camera, although the dual LED changed to a single LED, it still has dual yellow and white color temperature that integrated together. Compared to the previous it gets more space savings. On back the noise reduction microphone has also increased compared to before, noise reduction quality of calling has also been improved.

On appearance there is a clear change that the use of a new 2.5D screen, which is not the display screen of 2.5D, but the screen glass cut-off part of the 2.5d arc cutting. Using the benefits of 2.5D screen is the highlight of the screen display, visual impact stronger, as if floating on the screen, compared to the previous iPhone 5s used in-cell is more prominent. At the same time finger touch function is also very obvious.

If the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are worth buying? This question is not important, because Apple has proved the leading role on smartphone market through its several generations of products. Every brand has its fans group meanwhile the others have no interest on it. But one thing can be expected is that the release of big screen iPhone 6 plus refurbished smartphone w...
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Wholesale refurbished iPhone
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